Not sure what to one-click upsell? Don’t let a dearth of ideas stop you from boosting your average order value.

We’ve compiled a bunch of use cases of one click upsells. You can simply view the upsell offers that you like and watch the funnel in action.

Use Case 1: Upsell More of What They Bought

Are you selling a product that has tendency for repeat purchases?

This funnel works really well for niches such as supplements, ointments, medicines, consumables or any other niche where buyer needs replenishment.

If they bought 1 pack of Vitamin D3 Omega 3 Fish Oil upsell them a pack of 3. 

 1. Buyers of this product are already convinced about their choice of the product and would like to stock up on more of them

2. The actual price is already established in their minds. You can tell tell them that this exclusive deal is only available on this page (backend funnel) and not elsewhere on the site. And it’s a perfect complement to their order.

To visualize the funnel

Step 2: Complete Checkout

Step 3: Funnel Will Trigger


Use Case 2: Cross Sell Highly Relevant Products Which Complement Main Purchase

You can set up highly targeted that complement main purchase.

It’s a great way of helping people discover other products that fit their need and solve their problem but they didn’t discover them on their own.

For instance if someone buys Face Wash Cream , you know that they may also like your best seller  Charcoal Face Mask.

You can provide highly lucrative one time offer not available on the site.

To visualize the funnel

Step 1: Click Here to add Face Wash Cream and trigger upsell funnel
Step 2: Complete Checkout

Step 3: Funnel Will Trigger

Use Case 3 : Pitch Upsells that Complete The Set

Pitch a relevant upsell offer which they need with the main purchase but are not critical components for main product to work.

They enhances usability of main purchase.

For example , if they’re buying a DSLR-compatible mic– they’re doing it to record videos. Maybe they need additional stuff such as studio arm stands, pop filter, video backdrop to complete the set.

It’s instinctual human tendency to look for other products that complement the purchase.

So you can create a product and upsell it at a discount.

Step 2: Complete Checkout

Step 3: Funnel Will Trigger

Use Case 4 : Change the Format [Digital to Physical or Vice Versa]

Are you selling a physical book upfront? Upsell its audio version!

Selling an ebook? Upsell a course!

The simple idea here is: The existing format of delivery may limit the value people can get out of the product, so change the format.

Let’s say someone buys a Vitamin Water Recipe ebook to lose weight. You can upsell a fruit-infused water bottle so that they can practically implement those using the water bottle!

Step 2: Complete The Checkout

Step 3: Funnel Will Trigger

Use Case 5:  Fast-track the Process: Make it Faster, Easier or Better

They bought the main item to achieve a goal.

Can you make getting there faster, smoother or easier for them with your upsell offer?

Let’s say if you’ve got weight-loss program- upsell a healthy meal planning calendar so that your customers don’t have to think what to cook every day. This makes the process easy!

Step 2: Complete The Checkout

Step 3: Funnel Will Trigger

Try This Funnel In Action

Use Case 6: Upsell Continuity Programmes (Or Subscriptions)

Continuity programs, membership plans or on-going support offers make for value-boosting upsells.

If you’re selling software or a tool, you can upsell membership program where you add new tutorial videos bi-monthly or monthly to help the users get more done.

A great membership program comes from truly knowing your audience and what they want.

In this case, let’s say you’re selling a one-and-done Facebook advertising course, you can upsell them a subscription to your membership lab at a monthly fee! 

Ryan Deiss from has an amazing continuity program- he sells you tickets to his event and then once you’re there- they upsell you their continuity program.

So basically they pitch a $1 trial to their membership site –Digital Marketer Lab.

Use Case 7 : Purchase Protection

It’s our natural tendency to hedge our bets and protect our possession.


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