How To Set Up One-Click Upsells In WooCommerce (Complete Tutorial Video)

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This post has everything you need to set up one click upsells in WooCommerce. It’s your step by step guide to creating a post-purchase upsell funnel from scratch.

I will be using UpStroke One Click Upsells to set up a one click upsell funnel.

One Click Upsells are Based on Amazon’s Patented Tech- 1-Click Buy

One-click upsells are based on the popular technology developed by Amazon which is called one-click order or one-click buy.

Here’s the USP of of 1-click buy:

It allows users to skip the entire process of adding an item to the cart, filling out their payment details, shipping and billing information and all of that.

So they can simply make a purchase with a single click.

And because it’s so friction-less and fast, Amazon generated billions of dollars of revenue just because of this technology.

In fact when it licensed it out to Apple in 2000 and they implemented it on their store and for selling iTunes, they increased their revenues by 30%.

Now you can use the same tech in your WooCommerce store to make upselling easy fast and friction-less.

One Click upsells Or Upsells After Checkout are Invisible Back-End Offers

You show them right after your customers have submitted their credit card details for the main offer, but before they’re directed to the thank you page.

So basically on this intermediary page between the checkout and the thank you page, you high-jack their flow & attention to make a highly relevant offer.

This is when they’re in a highly captive state of mind.

They don’t have to re-enter their card details, you can add the extra amount to their order as soon as they accept the offer.

The payment for the initial order is processed by the time they land on this page and there’s zero probability of losing the initial sale.

Here’s how a post-purchase upset funnel or One Click Upsell funnel looks:

One Click Upsell or Upsell After Checkout Funnel in action
Payment happsn with just one click!

Your buyer can say yes to the offer that he likes and no to the offers that he doesn’t and as all the details will get upgraded accordingly.

The real reason why upsell after checkout or one click upsell so effective is because:

With post-purchase upsell you have already secured your initial purchase. So you’re not coming in way of their main purchase or the checkout flow.

It’s like having a highly trained salesperson standing at the checkout gate and doing the upselling for you.

And that’s why it can increase your average order value by up to 35%. There couldn’t be anything more effective than that.

5 Simple Steps To Set Up Your First One Click Upsell Funnel In WooCommerce With UpStroke

After you’ve installed UpStroke in your WooCommerce store, go into:
WooFunnels >> UpStroke.

The first screen that you’ll see when you login into UpStroke is this:

one click upsells woocommerce
UpStroke One Click Upsell for WooCommerce (List of funnels created in the system)

You’ll notice some of the upsell funnels are active and others are inactive. I’ll go into the details later. But right now we’ll add a new one-click upsell.

Step #1: Create and Name Your One-Click Upsell Funnel

The first step in the funnel creation process is naming your funnel.
Note this is for administrative purposes only. The name is never visible to your buyers.

one click upsell funnel name in woocommerce
Create a new one click upsell funnel and name it

In this upsell funnel, we want to encourage volume and lead people to buy more of what they just bought.

We want to upsell a pack of three more night creams to those who buy just one.

Now save the funnel and the funnel editor will be launched.

Step #2: Set Up Rules — A Set of Conditions to Trigger your Upsell Funnel

UpStroke gives you a set of 17 intuitive rules to trigger upsell funnels. Rules such as the product(s) bought by the customer or the category of purchase and more.

There are two sets of rules — basic and advanced rules.

A Quick Overview of Basic Rules

Target products are those products on which you wish to trigger your upsell funnel.

All products: Choose this rule if you want to trigger one click upsell funnel on all products — no matter what they purchase from your store.

Products — Select specific products on which you would like the upsell funnel to get triggered.

Product category– Select a specific category from here. You can also select multiple categories, in that case, 1-click upsell funnel will be associated with all the products in the chosen categories.

Product Tags — In WooCommerce you can add tags to your products so that people can find the most relevant products through search. You can choose product tags to trigger your one click upsell funnel.

Using two rules in conjunction

Use case of ‘AND’ — When the product category is say, personal care ‘AND’ the product is face wash.

Use case of OR — Whether the product is face wash cream or the night care Pro cream, you want the same upsell funnel to get triggered.

A Quick Overview of Advanced Rules

Always– To trigger an upsell funnel on all products.

Order total — So let’s say their order total is greater than 150, you may want to upsell high-priced products. And if it’s say a small amount $20 $30 $50, you may want to upsell them low-dollar products, impulse buys, because their order total tells you something about them. So you can set up funnels according to their order total.

Item count– Number of items bought.

Item type– Variable or simple.

Coupon code — Let’s say they used a coupon code ‘20OFF’, so they already availed a discount of 20%, now you may not want to offer them additional discount in the upsell funnel.

Or even if you do you do not want to offer a deep discount because they have already availed it so you can use this rule to trigger a funnel accordingly.

Payment Gateway Used — You may want to trigger the upsell funnel if they are paying by that credit card or you do not trigger the upsell funnel for cash on delivery users. So you can set up the rule accordingly.

The shipping methods– You’ve got a bunch of options here based on what shipping methods you have set natively in WooCommerce.

First Order– Only your first-time customer will see this upsell funnel

Customer user role– If you want to trigger upsell funnels only for buyers with a defined user role — say wholesale buyers.

Shipping/Billing details: Maybe you want to present your one click upsell funnel on order being shipped to US only.

Specific Date/Time — To trigger an upsell funnel on a specific date/time, say during the promotion season when you’re running a sale.

Skip Funnel — If your customer has already viewed the funnel, you can choose to skip the funnel. Then he will not see it.

The Rule We Need For This Funnel:

When the Product (Exactly Contains 1) Night Care Pro Cream:

woocommerce one click upsell rule

Step #3: Set Up Your Upsell Offer(s) in The Funnel

Add a new offer and name it:

woocommerce one click upsell - upstroke
“Buy 3 Night Care Creams at 30% off”.

Since this is the first offer in your funnel, by default it’ll be an upsell offer.

Now let’s select the product i.e. Night Care Pro Cream:

You can even search for specific variations here, let’s you want to trigger an upsell funnel when they buy only the 275 gm pack of a given supplement, you can do that.

You’ll notice that UpStroke automatically fetches the important product details.

Set the product quantity to 3 and the discount to 30%:

In case you want to add flat shipping cost to your upsell offer, you can do that and it’ll get bundled with the product price.

You’ll see the final offer price right beneath the regular price.

As you scroll further down on the product page, here are the local settings that you must configure to get started:

Configure all the offer settings
woocommerce one click upsells upstroke settings
Dynamic Shipping — You do not want to lose money on shipping while upselling.

The dynamic shipping calculator calculates the shipping costs for the package considering the main products and the upsell item as one pack — and then subtracts the shipping charges that the user has already paid.

The remaining charges are shown to the user and he’s charged for additional shipping.

Ask Confirmation– When you tick the dynamic shipping box, the ‘ask for confirmation’ box gets automatically ticked.

On the frontend, this actually triggers a sidebar that asks the buyers to see the shipping charges and confirm the upsell offer.

So essentially this is no longer a 1-step process but a 2-step process. A double confirmation ensures that there will no accidental purchases leading to refunds at the end.

The reason dynamic shipping calculator exists is because you shouldn’t lose money on shipping.

Skip Offer– Select ‘skip offer’ if you want the upsell offer to be skipped if they’ve already purchased the same product.

Terminate funnel if the buyer accepts/declines the offer — Tick terminate funnel if you do not want to show any more offers after this one is accepted or rejected.

In that case, even if you have more offers in your upsell funnel, they will not be shown after this one is accepted/rejected — based on what you chose.

Tracking Code if the buyer views the offer/accepts the offer — It’s for you to track who’s viewed/accepted the upsell funnel. Add separate tracking codes into each of these two boxes.

Similarly you can add more upsell and downsell offers to your funnel:

Let’s save the offer and move to the next tab which is the design tab.

Step #4: Design Your One Click Upsell Offer Page Using The Customizer In UpStroke

You’ve got two ready to plug in templates here — product template and VSL (video sales letter template):

Use the latter template only if you want to present your offer through a video alone, else the product template will solve your purpose perfectly well.

Configure various sections of this page:

Design your one-click upsell offer page using UpStroke’s Customizer in WooCommerce

Layout & Sections — It is to turn off the sections that you don’t want and keep the ones you do. You can also interchange the sections with a simple drag & drop.

Pattern Interrupt Section — The pattern interrupt section interrupts their pattern. Your buyers are expecting to see the thank you page right after the checkout page.

But instead they see this upsell offer page. This is why you need the pattern interrupt section. Use this section to tell them that their order is not complete yet and you do have an offer that perfectly complements their purchase.

Product Section — All the details about your product will get automatically pulled up and shown here. So the product image, description, price, any additional information will all get automatically pulled up.

Review Section — The reviews too are automatically pulled up here.

Buy Block — In the buy block you’ve got the buy button, the click trigger (a line below the CTA that takes care of their objection to clicking the button) and the payment icons.

Guarantee Section — Take care of all their objections to saying yes to the offer. It could be about returns, refunds, ensuring complete satisfaction, payment security, 1-click buy etc.

Urgency Bar with the Countdown Timer — Configure the urgency bar with the countdown timer at the top to let your buyers know that the offer’s only up for a limited time. They must act fast to snag the special deal.

Merge Tags — The Merge tags allow you to personalize your messaging. You can refer to them by their first name. Or use any other information to personalize the messages that they’ve entered on the checkout pages.

Next up simply update the image that represents the offer well and edit the heading:

Step #5: Configure the Local Settings to Trigger the Upsell Funnel

The first thing that you’d notice in the settings section are the behavioral settings.

You’ve got two options here:

Add the upsell offer to the main order — The upsell offer will get merged with the main order and your buyers will see the updated order receipt.

Create a new order — There will be two separate order receipts and two different orders.

When you tick create a new order, it says if you want to cancel the primary order.

In this case, the main purchase will be replaced by the upgrade. Yes, the original order will get cancelled.

The funnel priority is a number that decides which funnel gets greater priority over the other.

When a user makes a purchase, he may buy more than one product. Different products can have different 1-click upsell funnels associated with them.

But after the user checks out, there’s only one upsell funnel that can actually get triggered.

This is where funnel priority comes into the picture.

UpStroke decides what funnel will be triggered based on its priority number. 1 is the highest priority and as the number keeps increasing, the priority keeps decreasing.

WooCommerce One Click Upsells and Payment Gateway Compatibility

UpStroke is compatible with all native WooCommerce payment gateways i.e. PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree and even cash on delivery, check payments, bank transfers.

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